A Key

to our


Purchase and transport of LOG timber

in HIGHEST QualitY

Log purchasing is one of the central areas at van Roje and forms the basis for the further processing of high-quality products such as sawn timber, planed timber and cross-laminated timber.

We currently procure approx. 450.000 solid cubic metres of roundwood per year from sustainably managed forests in surrounding German states and neighbouring EU countries. Transport is carried out with our own roundwood vehicles and long-standing logistics partners.

State-of-the-art communication facilities enable targeted and effective work.

  • Log purchasing mainly refers to the wood species:

    • Spruce
    • Douglas fir

    From 2022 also Larch, Pine and Fir



    Log Purchasing

    E-mail: rundholzeinkauf@vanroje.de

    Or personally at Tel.: +49 (0)2634 955972


    We ensure a timely and smooth processing of the timber business.

    We buy timber ex forest, free works or as self-produced timber.

    • Acceptance of long and short timber directly on site.

    • Timely and prompt processing of timber removal

    • Forestry-trained and experienced employees

    • Fair purchase conditions

    • High payment security and short payment terms

    Wood species and qualities

    We can process any assortment

    Stem Wood

    Wood species: Spruce, Douglas FIr, Larch, Pine, Fir
    Quality grade: B/C
    Quality: fresh, healthy, straight
    Thickness grade: L1b1 - L5
    Minimum length: 10 m
    Maximum length: 19 m
    Minimum diameter: 12 cm without bark
    Maximum diameter: 65 cm without bark

    Sections without bark

    Wood species: Spruce, Douglas FIr, Larch
    Quality grade B/C
    Quality : fresh, healthy, straight
    Thickness grade: L1b1 - L5
    Minimum length: 4 m
    Minimum diameter: 12 cm über Rinde
    Maximum diameter: 65 cm über Rinde

    Approximately 2,000 solid cubic metres of wood arrive at our log yard every day. The roundwood is debarked, electronically measured, cut and distributed to piles according to order. Drying, planing or dip impregnation is also possible on request.


    Our Fleet

    Our Truck Fleet includes:

    • 9 log trucks
    • 3 sawn timber trucks for transporting the processed timber to the customer
    • 1 pellet truck

    Further investments are planned for 2022.

    Our log trucks are equipped with the latest GPS solutions, which enables precise navigation in the forest.

    Log Truck Logistics Department

    E-mail: rundholzlogistik@vanroje.de