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  • Advantages of cross-laminated timber:

    • Sustainable, fast in construction, efficient, climate-positive.
    • High-quality, recyclable, energy-saving
    • High dimensional stability and load-bearing capacity due to the construction of longitudinal and transverse layers
    • Production enables a high degree of prefabrication (fast construction process) with low energy consumption
    • With our inline CNC joinery, cuts and millings for doors, windows, sockets and cables can be realised individually
    • Very low swelling and shrinkage deformation due to the crosswise arrangement of the board layers (blocking effect)
    • High load-bearing capacity with low dead weight
    • Ensures sustainable regulation of the indoor climate; insulation protection in summer and thermal protection in winter
    • Building elements are dried and therefore do not carry moisture into the structure- BSP can be recycled by means of deconstruction or thermal utilisation.


    Cross laminated timber is very suitable for wall elements. In order to be able to transfer vertical loads optimally, the top layers must be arranged vertically.

    The wall elements, which are ready-bonded in the factory, meet all static, building physics and fire protection requirements and are delivered to the construction site with cut-outs for windows, doors and installations.


    Due to the self-supporting and dry construction method, large-format, dimensionally stable building components can be produced, supplemented with finished visible surfaces for comfortable living. We comply with all standards regarding statics, fire protection and sound insulation.

    The special CLT ceilings are designed for use with ceiling and roof structures that are primarily subject to bending loads.


    Roof constructions meet all static, fire protection and sound insulation requirements. Suitable for all roof shapes, even with large spans. Excellent thermal insulation and storage properties. Optimum climate control in winter and summer due to the large proportion of wood.

    The large wood mass is particularly noticeable in summer thermal insulation. A pronounced phase shift effectively prevents the attic from overheating in summer.

    Machinable Dimensions:

    Length: up to 16m - Width: up to 3.5m - Thickness: up to 350mm

    The crosswise gluing ensures a high degree of dimensional stability and does not lead to any swelling or shrinkage deformation in the event of moisture changes in the panel plane. Likewise, BSP boards enable biaxial load transfer (longitudinal and transverse load-bearing behaviour), a dry construction method and sufficient fire and sound protection.


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