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Wood is the most natural material in the world, today as well as in the future. The design variety is great, the economic efficiency convincing and the technical properties always fascinate every engineer: high load-bearing capacity, low weight and good flexibility. Our task is to fulfil the product wishes of our customers, for every use, and every application.

Today, we manufacture individual products for a wide variety of customers from all industries. From sawn timber for the construction of low-energy houses, timber frame and truss construction, to products for interior fittings, to raw material for pallets, crates and heavy goods packaging.

Our production: certified and labelled.

Through regular quality certifications such as PEFC-COC, DIN 4074, EN 14081, our company proves its absolute commitment to optimum quality and domestic, sustainable forestry. The high level of automation not only ensures a high degree of performance, but also flexibility and precision. The incoming roundwood is scanned and measured, debarked and cut according to order.

Our product range:

Squared timber, planed timber, planks, frames, battens, boards, cascassing and more...


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  • Spruce -The bread tree

    The spruce is the "bread tree" of German forestry. It is one of the most important tree species used in forestry in Germany. Spruce wood is very often used as building and construction timber, both for interior fittings and for exterior applications in house construction, e.g. for roof structures, walls and ceilings.

    Despite the ongoing calamity in the Westerwald and the Bergisches Land, spruce remains an important source of raw material for us as well.

    Douglas fir - A UNIVERSAL TALENT

    The distinctive structure and the reddish-brown colour of the wood are characteristic of Douglas fir. In the building sector, Douglas fir sawn timber has its great strength: the good strength and weather resistance ensure a wide range of possible uses, especially outdoors, e.g. as construction timber. But also indoors, the visually appealing Douglas fir finds various uses. In comparison, Douglas fir wood is largely superior to spruce wood in its technical properties: higher durability, higher tensile, compressive and bending strength.


    Larches are the third most common coniferous tree species in Germany after spruce and pine. The wood of the European larch is a universal timber that can be used very well as construction timber. Larch wood is very robust, durable and one of the heaviest native conifers. The heartwood is red-brown, the sapwood yellowish and usually very narrow. Because of its good weather resistance, larch is often used as construction timber outdoors. Due to its decorative appearance, the wood is very popular for use as construction timber indoors.


    Pine wood is soft, elastic and easy to work with and can therefore be used in many ways indoors and outdoors. This type of wood is also very popular because of the reddish-brown colour of the heartwood with an attractive grain. Pine wood is often used in timber construction, e.g. timber frame construction or roof extensions. Pine wood is also very popular in furniture construction.

    Fir - a good tree species in Germany

    The wood colouring of fir is light reddish-white to yellowish-white and the wood is soft and resin-free. Due to its optical properties and good machinability, fir wood is preferably used as planed timber in interior finishing. With its relatively good technical properties, a versatile use in the furniture and paper industry or also as building and construction timber is made possible.