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in THIRD Generation

to one of the leading timber mills in Germany

  1. 2023

    2023 Construction of new biomass heating plant with an additional 8 MW
  2. 2022

    CLT: production start at our innovative and resource-efficient production plant for construction elements XWORKS
  3. 2021

    Construction of a new planing mill
    Installation of a third pellet press
  4. Expansion pellet plant
    Installation of wood chip crimpers and new belt dryer in the pellet plant
  5. Modernisation of the pellet plant
    Construction of two silos with a storage capacity of 5,000 t of wood pellets
  6. Mobile log band saw for strong wood sections
  7. Construction of drying kiln 13 and 14
  8. Fleet expansion with 4 own round timber trucks
  9. Installation of a bagging unit for pellets
  10. Construction of the biomass heating plant
    Investment in renewable energies
  11. Construction of pellet plant
  12. Installation of an automated sorting system
  13. Construction of the first drying kiln
    Range expansion in the sawn timber sector
  14. Move to the new site at Oberhonnefeld
  15. Start of construction of a new location in Oberhonnefeld
  16. New office building Neuwied
    Wet storage expansion at the Neuwied site
  17. Construction of a chipping-saw line
    150,000 fm of coniferous wood are now processed per year
  18. Installation of a new multiple blade frame saw
  19. Installation of the first mechanised gang saw system
  20. Sawmill I
    Construction of the first mechanised log yard
  21. Son-in-law Hans Mühmel joins the company; Commissioning of sawmill with log yard and gantry crane
  22. Production and transport of wooden posts for the surrounding clay pits and ore mines
  23. Mine wood production
  24. Company foundation. Ignatz van Roje founded a small pit prop business in Neuwied on 01.02.1929