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The Company van Roje.
Committed to quality and tradition.
Since 1929.

Our company history goes all the way back to 1929. It was in this year that Ignatz van Roje founded the company as a small supplier of pit-props to the mining industry.

This was the foundation stone for one of the leading softwood exporting sawmills in Europe.


And yet despite this rural location, the prerequisites for an efficient, on-time logistics are fulfilled: with good connections to the excellent transport infrastructure, we can fulfil the demands of raw material acquisition and international marketing of our products. In addition to our awareness of ecological responsibility over many years, our goal has always been to achieve the highest quality.


Our reward: world-wide, long-term client relationships and partnerships. With well-founded education and continuous further training we invest a lot in our employees – that provides for a high degree of skills and a good working atmosphere.

Our customers value and enjoy the individual service, the flexible and rapid realization of their required products and high level of quality in manufacture. You can always place your trust in the high quality of our raw materials and workmanship – because this is our sustainable level of service.


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