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Further Processing.

In house added value The process of added value after sawing elevates the wood to a higher level of quality. Today, more than half of the products are processed further on-site, encompassing especially: chamber-drying, dip-impregnation and planing.

The subsequent treatment covers in particular:

  • Dry (Capacity: 120.000 m³ p.a.)
  • Dip-impregnate (Capacity: 25.000 m³ p.a.)
  • Planes (Capacity: 25.000 m³ p.a.)
  • Phytosanitary treatment (IPPC)


Lumber Assortment.

Our product range

  • Building timber after list
  • Supply building timber
  • Square timber
  • Timber framework
  • Slats
  • Side commodity (broad-sorted)
  • Board commodity
  • Planks
  • Plane commodity
  • Profile boards
  • Groove halls (balcony halls in douglas fir)

We supply the lumber assortment specified above in principle in domestic spruce quality. When desired we offer our products also in the particularly high-quality douglas fir.




Our wide range of products.
Always cut to your wishes.


Wood: the most natural material in the world Wood is the material of the present and of the future. The scope for design is large, the economic viability and the technical characteristics fascinate engineers over and over again: high load-bearing capacity, low weight and good flexibility. Our job is the fulfilment of the product wishes of our clients, for every deployment, every application.


Today we fabricate individual products for the widest possible range of clients. From cut-to-order products for the construction of low-energy houses, timber framework and timber frame houses and construction projects, to products for internal partitioning and on to raw material for pallets, boxes and heavy transport packaging. Our production: certified and superior Our company consistently demonstrates committment towards optimum quality home-grown, sustainable forestry through regular quality certifications such as PEFC-COC, DIN 4074, EN 14081 or the British Standard BS 4978. The high level of automation ensures in turn, not only a high level of performance, but also flexibility and precision. The incoming logs are scanned and measured, de-barked, cut and sorted according to orders. Our sawing technology is our competitive edge over trading rivals: it links extremely accurate tolerances with highest surface quality. This technology also makes dimensions such as 14m length and diameters of 35cm possible.

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