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Our maxim.
No economy without ecology.


Since the founding of the company, we have been aware of the deep-lying responsibility: economical usage of the raw material wood has to be always seen through ecological viewpoints. The responsible manner in dealing with the resources available is therefore of great relevance in all our entrepreneurial efforts. Then this ecological awareness is not only the basis for our company in the future, but also the basic principle of every economy.

Sustainable forestry industry means taking on responsibility

The use of `domestic´ timber is thereby a very important measure. In this way we support the ongoing forestry industry, which in turn thinks onwards for further generations. Because an on- going forestry industry takes care of and protects the forest, this also means allowing harvested materials to grow back – that in turn means the re-forestation of felled areas. It may be a surprise but the timber industry is also an important `air- conditioning unit´ for our ecological system: during their growth, trees take up enormous amounts of CO2 and bind it into material which we call wood. In this way the choice made for the raw material wood is also always an ecological decision for an intact climate. A careful approach to the factor earth, or shall we say soil, as well as the plant and animal world is just as relevant in managing accord with nature.


Sawmill van Roje.
susstained healthy growth.

Initial activities in `the old days´ by the company ranged between pit-prop production and trading in timber, until a dramatic leap in development in the year 1966, as a new and modern sawmill was installed.


A further milestone of development took place in 1996: the new production location at Oberhonnefeld was created. This step was taken not only on the grounds of expansion, it also provided for an excellent opportunity for optimum links to the infrastructure. And so the course was set for the future, enabling all divisions and sub-divisions of the company to germinate and grow.



The future: energy from biomass

The year 2007 saw the inauguration of a new pellet factory, and then directly one year after, the large biomass heating plant. This comprehensive investment is proof firstly of the dynamic way forward in the company, and secondly the important and forward-looking entry into the production and thermal recycling of regenerative energy supplies.

Today, van Roje is setting its course on further expansion: constant investment in technology and products provide the way for innovation, a healthy and continuous growth in the company, as well as for an enduring creation of value – for our customers and for us.



2008 - Heat plant



2007- Pellet factory

2006 - Sort work

2000 - Drying chamber

1996 - Factory Oberhonnefeld-Gierend

1990 - Office building neuwied

1990 - Wet camp

1988 - Sawmill IV neuwied

1970 - First mechanized gate plant

1966 - Sawmill I

1948 - Mine timber transport

1930 - Mine timber production

1929 - Company foundation

The Company van Roje.
Committed to quality and tradition.
Since 1929.

Our company history goes all the way back to 1929. It was in this year that Ignatz van Roje founded the company as a small supplier of pit-props to the mining industry.

This was the foundation stone for one of the leading softwood exporting sawmills in Europe.


And yet despite this rural location, the prerequisites for an efficient, on-time logistics are fulfilled: with good connections to the excellent transport infrastructure, we can fulfil the demands of raw material acquisition and international marketing of our products. In addition to our awareness of ecological responsibility over many years, our goal has always been to achieve the highest quality.


Our reward: world-wide, long-term client relationships and partnerships. With well-founded education and continuous further training we invest a lot in our employees – that provides for a high degree of skills and a good working atmosphere.

Our customers value and enjoy the individual service, the flexible and rapid realization of their required products and high level of quality in manufacture. You can always place your trust in the high quality of our raw materials and workmanship – because this is our sustainable level of service.


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